Research Specialist

Rocco Schiavone

Rocco has worked for NCSU strawberry research programs for over 30 years. Check out the berry named after him.


Post Doctoral Scholar

José Guillermo Chacón Jiménez, Post Doctoral Scholar

Graduate Students (past and present)


Katie Sheehan-Lust.

Lisa Rayburn.

Brianna Haynes.


Ph.D. 2020. Guillermo Chacon, Strawberry studies: Screening of strawberry germplasm…

Christine Bradish
Ph.D. 2016. Studies of Linkage Mapping, Trait Heritability, and Pedigrees for Breeding Improvement of Southeastern Black and Red Raspberry

Moo Jung Kim
Ph.D. Organically Grown Blackberries : Storage Life, Phenolic Composition, and Anti-inflammatory Activity

Jessica Spencer
M.S. 2012.  Molecular Marker Analysis of Primocane-Fruiting Traits in Raspberry

Christine Bradish
M.S. 2011.  Measured Variation in Flavonoid Composition of North Carolina Red Raspberry through Targeted Metabolite Profiling

Ramon Molina Bravo
Ph.D. 2009. Genetic and Quantitative Analysis of Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) for Heat Tolerance and Longer Chilling Requirement.

Mary Helen Ferguson
M.S. 2006. Evaluation of three commercially available composts for use in strawberry production on plastic.

Tania L. Guzman
M.S. 2003. Incidence, distribution and sympton description of viruses in cultivated balckberry (Rubus subgenus Eubatus) in the southeastern U.S.

Laura Butler Carver
M.S. 1999. The biology of Botrytis cinerea and strawberry plant development in southeastern production systems.

Michelle Grabowski
M.S. 2001. Biologically and chemically – based alternatives to methyl bromide fumigation in strawberry production.

Post Docs Past

  • Leanor Leandro (now at Iowa State University)
  • Lisa Ferguson (now with USDA)