Caneberry (Blackberry and Raspberry) Cultural Studies

  • Development of cultivars to North Carolina and the southern region of the U.S.
  • Freeze damage of floral buds
  • Tunnel production
  • Development of nutrient sufficiency for floricane and primocane fruiting blackberry cultivars
  • Plant growth regulator control of vegetative growth in blackberry

Strawberry breeding

  • Development of new cultivars with superior horticultural traits
  • Development of resistance to fruit and crown rot
  • Two new cultivars were released in 2019, ‘Rocco’ and ‘Liz’

Post Harvest and Bioactive Compound Studies

Raspberry and Blackberry Breeding

  • Two breeding programs have existed at NCSU. The first program, headed by William Carlos released several red raspberry cultivars including: Dixie (1938) Mandarin (1955), Southland (joint with USDA 1963), one black raspberry Manteo (1953) and two dewberry- type blackberries, Cameron (1938) and Carolina (1955) (See article).
  • The early breeding program ceased to exist in the early 1960s and most of the breeding material was lost. Recently one of the cultivars from that program, ‘Mandarin’ was found. See article on Mandarin.
  • In the current breeding program our primary objectives are to develop new raspberry cultivars that are tolerant to the high summer temperatures and to the fluctuating winter temperatures. A smaller part of our program is focused on the development of fall fruiting blackberries. In both programs, we are looking for berries that are great tasting, large, pest tolerant and have good shelf life.
  • A U.S. Plant Patent was awarded in 2010 for a primocane-fruiting red raspberry, ‘Nantahala’. This cultivar is adapted to the high elevations of western North Carolina.
  • A U.S. Plant Patent was awarded in 2012 for a thornless blackberry, ‘Von’.

Selected Publications

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